Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blooming in the Last Few Weeks

I discovered this Candy Lily hiding behind some seriously overgrown Black-eyed Susans. I wish I had dozens of them! 
Overwintered glads (I've been too lazy to dig them up in the fall given their rather inconvenient location, but they seem to be just fine, if a little small.
Nigra hollyhocks - I ended up pulling them up because they were completely destroyed by rust. ;(
These were quite impressive - almost 7 feet tall!
Sweet little moss roses in the rock garden.
I'm guessing someone in this neighborhood had a big stand of these at one point. So big that they gave them away - to every house in the neighborhood! They're at every house in the area. But they provide an excellent pop of color and are virtually care-free. I have lots to share - let me know if you want some.
Another lily that came from the friend of a friend's yard. I ended up with 4 or 5 different ones - yellow, white, dark pink, light pink, and one that didn't bloom this year.

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