Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dodging the Thunder

I was in rainy Baltimore most of last week. Not only did I miss some glorious weather in MN, I also missed out on a week of prime planting time. I was quite looking forward to digging in the dirt all weekend. Mother Nature has not been exactly cooperative. Yesterday, in between rumblers, I managed to get in a couple of pepper plants, potted up the over-wintered rosemary, did some weeding and trimming, stopped by Menards to see if mulch was on sale (not), took a little walk to see what was blooming around the neighborhood, and got a spot ready for the beans. We got another wicked storm around 2:00 am - it sounded like it might have hailed, but I think it was just really hard rain pelting the windows. I was anxious to see how yesterday's plantings came through the storm.

EARLY this morning, it was quite nice. I had a cup of coffee outside while wandering around the yard, pulling a few weeds here and there, and deciding where some of the remaining veggies and herbs should go. I should have stayed outside and worked, but I was sleepy, so came back in for a nap. Upon waking, I made it outside for an hour or so before the next storm rolled in. At the moment, it feels like a dark and stormy night out there - but it's only 11:21 am.

Maybe it's a good thing that I've had to take some breaks. I have a tendency to overdo it; spending 10 hours outside busting my butt and then paying for it the rest of the week by barely being able to move.

When the rain stops, I'll try to get out to take a few pictures.

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