Wednesday, May 11, 2011

From Winter to Summer - In a Week

A week ago, it was snowing. Yesterday it was 86F when I went to bed. Crazy. And wonderful.
I've started putting in a few veggies: tomatoes, peppers, celery. And I noticed that I have a couple of peas coming up. I got them in late and used REALLY old seed so I wasn't even sure they'd come up. Of course, now that I've got a few popping up, my excitement is tempered by the fact that the bunnies will probably get them long before they're big enough to actually produce peas.
I love these old-fashioned bleeding hearts. They're just so sweet.
Mom was getting rid of a little plant stand at last week's garage sale, so I took it (thanks, Mom!). It makes the perfect stand for my elephant-ear-birdbath. The mulched area behind the birdbath is planted with tall red dahlias. The area in front of the birdbath is planted in shorter yellow dahlias. And the tripod might be home to beans - or tomatoes - I haven't decided yet. And in the far bottom left of the picture are purple and white cone flower. I'm excited to see this spot when things are in bloom.
This spot is to the left of the picture above. Iris, coneflower and a peony that I'm very excited to see bloom. It's been described as looking like a fried egg - a yellow center with white petals on the outside. There's some lavender in there, too (I didn't think it made it through the winter, but I checked it out this morning and saw a single green leaf starting to pop out). And that plant to the right of the peony ... I have no idea what it is (another find from the friend-of-a-friend's garden of plenty). If you recognize it, please let me know!

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