Thursday, June 05, 2014

Proof of Life

Every spring I wait patiently for the hardy hibiscus to show signs of life. As spring creeps into summer, I become more and more convinced that they have succumbed to the previous winter's challenges and have died on me once and for all. And then one day (usually in June!), they start popping through! It's an exciting day!

I planted four new hardy hibiscus last year in front of the house (behind some rose bushes as you can see in my terrible photo). Three of the four have made an appearance. There's really no reason to believe the fourth won't appear, but I'm a little anxious as I bought these at Linder's and they're no longer around to guarantee their perennials. The fact that Linder's doesn't exist anymore still really bums me out!

I've got a few other plants that seem to be in their early glory. This geum was also a new addition last year.

It's kind of sweet. It's well covered in small orange flowers. It could definitely benefit from some companion plants, but I haven't decided what those should be. It's planted next to the Hope for Humanity rose bush, but that's not quite in bloom.

Hoku likes to pee on the irises, so I don't have many left in the yard, but this bunch seems to be thriving despite their horrible treatment by the beast!

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