Thursday, April 07, 2011

Birthday Wishes Do Come True!

I took a walk around the garden this morning as was my ritual all last summer. It's not quite as interesting now as it is in June, but I was desperate to see something green. And I found it! The liatris is sprouting little green bits, the rhubarb is looking like some alien life-form, and I see the hyacinth will be blooming in no time.

I also found some garlic, lots of iris (although the Siberian Iris seem to be slower than I remember - and I divided and replanted loads of them last year. Hopefully they'll all make it. I'd be surprised if they didn't - I always thought they were pretty indestructible.), sedum, daylily, overwintered leeks, bleeding hearts, and poppies.  I spent some time doing a little clean-up, cutting off the crusty bits that I didn't bother with last fall. 

And I made a difficult decision and sheared a rose bush to the ground.It came with the house. I don't really know what it is - other than huge and out of control. It only appears to bloom once each Spring - very fragrant white roses. It's lovely when it's blooming, but then it's just "there" for the rest of the year. I wouldn't mind so much, but it's right on the corner of the house in a prime location. I think I can make better use of the space. So I cut it down to a couple of inches above the ground, mostly so I wouldn't impale myself on the 6' canes while digging it up. I'm going to pot up a few bits to give away if folks want them. And I might move a bit of it to the back alley. I did leave a bit of it that had crept around to the other side of the house (I'm telling you, the thing is a monster - it has spread to form about 5 different clumps over a 5-6' area).

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