Friday, April 15, 2011

A Few More Spring Beauties ... and Another Unidentified Plant

I'm not sure what this is, but I'm guessing columbine???

I don't remember putting this in the ground, but suspect if was from the bounty I dug up from someone else's yard last October. I'm looking forward to seeing what other mystery plants appear. I know there were loads of lilies - daylilies, Asiatic lilies, Tiger lilies - can't wait to see what color they turn out to be. Many of them are just peeking out of the soil - I hope tonight's predicted slushy snow doesn't disturb them too much.

The bleeding hearts seem to be popping up really early this year!

There's a very small little baby bleeding heart at the back. I think I should dig it up and move it somewhere else.

The crocus under the maple tree in the hell strip are my favorite sign of spring! The ajuga look a little rough, but I'm sure they'll be spreading out in no time.

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